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May 30th
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What are Sensual Pleasures - Four Kinds of Indulgence

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Four Kinds of Indulgence
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Four Kinds of Indulgence

In Pasadika Sutta of Pathika Vagga, Digha Nikaya, the Buddha had stated four kinds of indulgence in worldly enjoyment.

"Sunda, in this world there are some foolish, ignorant people who promote their own enrichment by the slaughter of animals - cattle, pigs, chicken, fish. This practice constitutes the first form of indulgence in worldly enjoyment.

Theft, dacoity and robbery constitute the second form of indulgence in worldly enjoyment while deceitful means of earning one's livelihood constitute the third. The fourth form of indulgence embraces other means besides these three, by which worldly wealth is gained."

The Sutta stated that Buddha's disciples, Bhikkhus, were free from these indulgences. Lay people, in observing the eight precepts and ten precepts have to maintain chastity and abstain from partaking of food after midday, dancing and singing, all these being forms of sensuous pleasure.

When one is engaged in meditation practices, one has to forego all kinds of sensuous enjoyment just like the Bhikkhus who have gone forth from the worldly life because they tend to hinder the development of sila, samadhi and panna . A meditator, even if he is a layman, must not, therefore, indulge in worldly enjoyment. This should suffice regarding one form of extreme practice, namely, indulgence in worldly enjoyment.



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" The foolish bhikkhu desires praise for qualities he does not have, precedence among bhikkhus, authority in the monasteries, and veneration from those unrelated to him. "

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