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Apr 21st
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What are Sensual Pleasures - Heavenly Bliss in this Life

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Heavenly Bliss in This Very Life

Even before the time of the Buddha, there were people who held the belief that heavenly bliss could be enjoyed in this very life (Ditthadhamma Nibbana Vada). According to them, sensual pleasure was indeed blissful; there was nothing to surpass it. And that pleasure was to be enjoyed in this very life. It would be foolish to let precious moments for enjoyment pass, waiting for bliss in a future life, which does not exist. The time for full gratification of sensual pleasure is now, this very life. Such is the Ditthadhamma Nibbana Vada - Heavenly bliss in this very life. This is one of the 62 wrong views (Micchaditthi) expounded by the Buddha in the Brahmajala Sutta of Silakkhanda in the Digha Nikaya.

Thus, enjoyment of sensual pleasure is the preoccupation of town and village people, not the concern of the recluses and Bhikkhus. For them, to go after sense desires would mean reverting to the worldly life which they have denounced. People show great reverence to them, believing they are leading a holy life, undisturbed by worldly distractions or allurements of the opposite sex. People make the best offer of food and clothing to the recluses, denying these to themselves, often at the sacrifice of the needs of their dear ones and their family. While living on the charity of the people, it would be most improper for Bhikkhus to seek worldly pleasures just like the householders.

In addition, Bhikkhus renounce the world with a vow to work for release from the sufferings inherent in the rounds of rebirth and for the realization of Nibbana. It is obvious that these noble ideals cannot be attained by the Bhikkhus if they go after sensual pleasures in the manner of householders. Thus, one who has gone forth from the worldly life should not indulge in delightful sensuous pleasures.



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" Him I call a brahmana, who is fearless like a bull, who is noble and diligent, who is a seeker of high moral virtues and a conqueror ( of three Maras) who is free from craving, who has been cleansed of moral defilemnts and knows the Four Noble Truths. "

The Dhammapada

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