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May 30th
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What are Sensual Pleasures - Base and Vulgar

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Base and Vulgar

Delighting in sensuous pleasures and relishing them is to be regarded as a vulgar practice because such enjoyments lead to formation of base desires, which are clinging and lustful. It tends to promote self-conceit, with the thought that no one else is in a position to enjoy such pleasures. At the same time, one becomes oppressed with thoughts of avarice, not wishing to share the good fortune with others or overcome by thoughts of jealousy, envy, anxious to deny similar pleasures to others.

It arouses ill-will towards those who are thought to be opposed to onself. Flushed with success and affluence, one becomes shameless and unscrupulous, bold and reckless in one's behaviour, no longer afraid to do evil. One begins to deceive oneself with false impression (moha) of well-being and prosperity. The new informed worldling (puthujana) may also come to hold the wrong view of living soul or atta to entertain disbelief in the resultant effects of one's own actions, Kamma . Such being the outcome of delighting in and relishing of sensuous pleasures, they are to be regarded as low and base.

Furthermore, indulgence in sensual pleasures is the habitual practice of lower forms of creatures such as animals, petas , etc. The Bhikkhus and Samanas, belonging to the higher stages of existences should not stoop low to vie with the lower forms of life in the vulgar practice of base sensuality.

In ancient times, rulers and rich people engaged themselves in the pursuit of sensual pleasurers. Wars were waged, and violent conquests made, all for the gratification of sense-desire.

In modern times too, similar conquests are still being made in some areas for the same objectives. But it is not only the rulers and the rich who seek sensual pleasures, the poor are also arduous in the pursuit of worldly goods and pleasures. As a matter of fact, as soon as adolescence is reached, the instinct for mating and sexual gratification makes itself felt. For the worldly householder veiled from the Buddha Dhamma, gratification of sense desires appears to be indeed the acme of happiness and bliss.



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