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May 30th
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1. MN 86 Angulimāla Sutta - On Angulimāla
(Pali Canon/Majjhima Nikaya)
... I once was bloody-handed With the name of ‘Finger-garland,’ See the refuge I have found: The bond of being has been cut. While I did many deeds that lead To rebirth in the evil realms, Yet ...
Sunday, 17 January 2010
... recluses and brahmins whose doctrine and view is this: 'Purification comes about through the round of rebirths.' But it is not easy to find a realm in the round that I have not already passed through in ...
Saturday, 16 January 2010
... I declare that wrong views leads to one of two destinies – hell or animal rebirth. 11. ‘What do you think, Lohicca? Does King Pasenadi of Kosala reside at Kāsi-Kosala?’ ‘He does, Reverend Gotama.’ ‘Well, ...
Saturday, 09 January 2010
... that the evolving consciousness may pass on [to rebirth] in the imperturbable. This, bhikkhus, is declared to be the first way directed to the imperturbable. 4. “Again, bhikkhus, a noble disciple considers ...
Friday, 04 December 2009
5. MN 127 Anuruddha Sutta - Anuruddha
(Pali Canon/Majjhima Nikaya)
... of them deities of Immeasurable Radiance?” “By reason of the factor [responsible for rebirth], friend Kaccāna, some are deities of Limited Radiance, some deities of Immeasurable Radiance.” 14. “Venerable ...
Wednesday, 28 October 2009
... either here and now, or in his next rebirth, or in some subsequent existence. 18. “Therein, Ānanda, as to the person here who kills living beings…and holds wrong view, and on the dissolution of the body, ...
Tuesday, 04 August 2009
... and delusion, becomes a Once-Returner who, having returned to this world once more, will make and end of suffering. Again, a monk who has abandoned the five lower fetters takes a spontaneous rebirth [in ...
Saturday, 11 July 2009
... thousand sentient existences, three thousand hells, thirty-six places of dust, seven classed of rebirth as conscious beings, seven as unconscious beings, and seven as beings ‘freed from bonds’, seven grades ...
Thursday, 28 May 2009
... the goal of gaining rebirth in a deva world. Besides effectively basing one’s practice on craving for sensual pleasures, this is also to set one’s sights much too low. For information on the disadvantages ...
Tuesday, 07 April 2009
10. Instructions to Insight Meditation
... that he will be freed of sakkaya-ditthi (ego-belief) and vicikiccha (doubt or uncertainty) and saved from the danger of rebirth in the nether worlds. He should go on with his meditational practice in this ...
Tuesday, 07 April 2009
... to contemplate until you fall asleep. The state of sleep is the continuity of subconsciousness. It is similar to the first state of rebirth consciousness and the last state of consciousness at the moment ...
Tuesday, 07 April 2009
12. The Progress of Insight
... and arahantship. By attaining to the first path and fruition, that of stream-entry, final deliverance is assured at the latest after seven more rebirths. 34. "Conceptual objects of shapes" (santhana-paññatti). ...
Monday, 06 April 2009
... or searched for.”′ The next quote from the end of Upakkilesa Sutta (Anguttara Nikaya, Book of Fours, Rohitassa Vagga, sutta no. 10) demonstrates that accepting money leads to continued rebirth. `Stained ...
Monday, 06 April 2009
14. Books by Mahasi Sayadaw
(Books/Mahasi Sayadaw)
...  Discourse on Lokadhamma Sutta, Natural Consequences of All Beings This discourse discusses the eight lokadhammas that bound all the beings in the rounds of rebirth.  ...
Tuesday, 17 March 2009
15. Books by Bhikkhu Pesala
(Books/Bhikkhu Pesala)
... The Books A Precious Human Rebirth "Hard is birth as a human being, Hard is the life of mortals. Hard is the hearing of the sublime truth, Hard is the appearance ...
Tuesday, 17 March 2009
16. Biography of Venerable Bhikkhu Pesala
(Books/Bhikkhu Pesala)
... 6 unknown.   Books: An Introduction to Buddhism An Introduction to Meditation An Explanation of Kamma An Explanation of Rebirth Porisada - The Man-Eater Where Have You Come From The Way ...
Monday, 16 March 2009
...  Therefore, an arahat will never be reborn in a new existence. At the end of the life-span in this existence he will enter into "parinibbāna." As there is no more rebirth for him after the parinibbāna, ...
Monday, 16 March 2009
... and of their death and rebirth in the different worlds or heavens. Drawback of Samatha Meditation Nevertheless, despite the possession of such powers as Jhanas and abhiññas, those possessing these ...
Monday, 16 March 2009
19. How to Take the Triple Refuge
(Practice/The Triple Refugee)
... reaching one of the four stages of Awakening are assured of release from suffering. But even those who are not Noble Ones and whose faith may not be absolute can escape from rebirth in the lower planes ...
Monday, 16 March 2009
20. What is the Triple Gem?
(Practice/The Triple Refugee)
... two, three, four, five, ten, one hundred, one thousand, depending on one's powers of intuition. (This is a basis for proving whether death is followed by rebirth or annihilation.) b Cutupapata-?ana: ...
Monday, 16 March 2009
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