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Jun 12th
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Books by Bhikkhu Pesala

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All of the publications are provided as a gift of the Dhamma for the welfare and happiness of anyone and everyone. You are invited to read them or print them out for your own use any charge or obligation. If you wish to support the Association for Insight Meditation (AIM), you may send donations to the Treasurer

All rights are reserved. This means that you may not use any part of these publications, nor any of the copyright graphics, on your own website, nor print them for commercial distribution. To publish them, or to include an extract, permission must be sought from the copyright owners.


In order to read the books, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF file reader. Please download and install the free reader. [ Download ]


The Books

  1. A Precious Human Rebirth
    "Hard is birth as a human being,
    Hard is the life of mortals.
    Hard is the hearing of the sublime truth,
    Hard is the appearance of the Buddhas." (Dhp v 182)

    The book explains how precious a human rebirth is in the planes of existence such that we should treasure our time and follow the Noble Dhamma.

  1. An Explanation of Kamma
    A thorough look on what kamma is according to the Buddha's teaching, including different types of kamma s according to different classifications.

  2. An Explanation of Rebirth
    A thorough look on the Buddha's teaching of rebirth, and how it stands out different from other's teachings.

  3. This discourse is found in the Samyuttanik?ya, Mah?vagga, Saccasamyutta — the Great Chapter of the Book of Kindred Sayings, in the collection of sayings on the Truths.

    It is also found in the narrative of the Vinaya Mah?vagga, Pa?cavaggiyakath? — the Great Chapter of the Vinaya Pitaka in the story of the group of five ascetics who attended on the bodhisatta for six years during his practice of asceticism.

  4. The Mangala Sutta is found in the Suttanip?ta. An excellent translation by Venerable Dr Hammalawa Saddh?tissa, published by Curzon Press, is available from ?? Wisdom Books. The Suttanip?ta contains the three most popular Paritta Suttas: Metta, Mangala, and Ratana Suttas, and many other important Suttas, such as the Kas?bh?radv?ja Sutta, Par?bhava Sutta, Vasala Sutta, Salla Sutta, and V?settha Sutta.

  5. An Exposition of the Metta Sutta
    The Metta Sutta is found in the Suttanip?ta, vv 143-152. Often referred to as the Karan?ya Metta Sutta, it was taught by the Buddha to a group of forest monks who were disturbed by tree spirits. He urged them to practise loving-kindness towards all beings. Then those spirits tolerated their presence happily.

  6. An Introduction to Buddhism
    An introduction to what is Buddhism, who was Buddha, the Eightfold Noble Path, and a brief look on the Satipatthana meditation method.

  7. An Introduction to Meditation
    An introduction to what is meditation, the benefit of meditation, and the practice of mindfulness.

  8. Ethical Dilemmas
    Ven. Bhikkhu Pesala answers some ethical questions concerning subjects like abortion, vegetarianism, and the existence of hell.

  9. Money Makes the World Go Round
    The book talks about the different kinds of gifts and the importance of the role of giving in Buddhism as a common practice for all Buddhists.

  10. Porisada - The Man-Eater
    This booklet was written especially for children, but the Dhamma it contains is suitable for adults too. The story refers to the previous life of Angulim?la, which is told in the Mah?sutasoma J?taka (Ja 537). In this birth as King Sutasoma the bodhisatta practised the perfection of truthfulness (Saccap?ram?).

  11. The Debate of King Milinda
    The Milinda Pa?ha is, with good reason, a famous work of Buddhist literature, probably compiled in the first century B.C. It presents Buddhist doctrine in a very attractive and memorable form as a dialogue between a Bactrian Greek king, Milinda, who plays the 'Devil's Advocate' and a Buddhist sage, Nagasena. The topics covered include most of those questions commonly asked by Westerners such as "If there is no soul, what is it that is reborn?" and "If there is no soul, who inherits the results of kamma?"

  12. The Five Workers
    This book explores the five important factors on the Eightfold Noble Path and how one can train one's mind to fulfill these factors.

  13. The Heart of Buddhism
    The book emphasizes the importance of the Vinaya rules and draws awareness for everybody and not only monks

  14. The Nature of Illusion
    In this interesting book the Ven. Bhikkhu Pesala used simple illustrations to explain the nature of illusion in our thoughts and perceptions.

  15. The Power of Love
    A very resourceful book for modern day readers. The book thoroughly reviews the situations of love in everyday life and how to incorporate the Buddha's teaching into relationships.

  16. The Way Down to Hell is Easy
    A look at the planes of existences and skepticism about the realms of Hell.

  17. What is Nibbana
    This book explains the nature of Nibbana as well as readings from the Debate of King Milinda.

  18. Where Have You Come From?
    An account and a story of the Buddha's famous teaching "Death is certain, life is uncertain," and the teachings of Dhamma the Buddha gave to the young girl.

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" Better than the recitation of a hundred verses that are senseless and unconnected with the realization of Nibbana, is the recitation of a single word of the teaching (Dhamma), if on hearing it one is calmed. "

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