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Jul 27th
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What is Nibbana - Description of Nibbana

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What is Nibbana
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The Uncaused
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The Bliss of Nibbana
Description of Nibbana
The Realization of Nibbana
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Description of Nibbana

"Is it possible, Nagasena, to point out the size, shape or duration of nibbāna by a simile?"

"No it is not possible; there is no other thing like it."

"Is there then any attribute of nibbāna found in other things that can be demonstrated by a simile?"

"Yes that can be done."

"As a lotus is unwetted by water, nibbāna is unsullied by the defilements."

"Like water, it cools the fever of defilements and quenches the thirst of craving."

"Like medicine, it protects beings who are poisoned by the defilements, cures the disease of suffering, and nourishes like nectar."

"As the ocean is empty of corpses, nibbāna is empty of all defilements; as the ocean is not increased by all the rivers that flow into it, so nibbāna is not increased by all the beings who attain it; it is the abode of great beings [the arahants], and it is decorated with the waves of knowledge and freedom."

"Like food, which sustains life, nibbāna drives away old age and death; it increases the spiritual strength of beings; it gives the beauty of virtue, it removes the distress of the defilements, it relieves the exhaustion of all suffering."

"Like space, it is not born, does not decay or perish, it does not pass away here and arise elsewhere, it is invincible, thieves cannot steal it, it is not attached to anything, it is the sphere of Noble Ones who are like birds in space, it is unobstructed and it is infinite."

"Like a wishfulfilling gem, it fulfils all desires, causes delight and is lustrous."

"Like red sandalwood, it is hard to get, its fragrance is incomparable and it is praised by good men."

"As ghee is recognisable by its special attributes, so nibbāna has special attributes; as ghee has a sweet fragrance, nibbāna has the sweet fragrance of virtue; as ghee has a delicious taste, nibbāna has the delicious taste of freedom."

"Like a mountain peak, it is very high, immovable, inaccessible to the defilements, it has no place where defilements can grow, and it is without favouritism or prejudice."


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" By degrees, little by little, from moment to moment, a wise man removes his own impurities (moral defilements), as a smith removes the dross of silver or gold. "

The Dhammapada

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