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Feb 26th
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Majjhima Nikaya

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81 MN 3 Dhammadāyāda Sutta – Heirs in Dhamma 9194
82 MN 1 Mūlapariyāya Sutta – The Root of All Things 14744
83 MN 2 Sabbāsava Sutta – All the Taints 14202
84 MN 131 Bhaddekaratta Sutta – A Single Excellent Night 18391
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" Not to revile, not to do any harm, to practise restraint according to the Fundamental Instructions for the bhikkhus, to be moderate in taking food, to dwell in a secluded place, to devote oneself to higher concentration - this is the Teaching of the Buddhas. "

The Dhammapada

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