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Jun 03rd
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About the Site

E-mail Print PDF was formerly known as Buddha Sasana Online, which was established in 2003. After the site has been closed for 2 years, it is re-opening in 2006. The reason it was shut down was because I could not spare time to maintain the website at the time.

The site's mission is to bring True Buddhism to Internet and the rest of the world at this chaotic age.

Following the true teachings of the Buddha, may all the people find the right way to happiness!

About the Author

My name is Yi-Lei Wu. I have been studying Buddhism for 6 years, including Mahayana, Zen, Pure Land, Theravada, etc. I was trained in the Mahasi Meditation Center in Yangon, Burma as a temporary monk for 3 months, and ever since then I came to realize what is TRUE Buddhism.

I grieve that I couldn't find the right path until I came in touch with Ven. Mahasi Sayadaw's guidances, and I rejoice at my Vipassana practices.

I encourage every Buddhist to practice Vipassana, as this is the only way to realize the Buddha's teaching within one's own experience.

Reading books and reciting the canons are not direct personal experiences of the Buddha's teaching. One must practice Vipassana (and realize the Eightfold Noble's Path) to fully appreciate the dhamma, and this is the same for everyone.

I wish to donate this website to everyone in the world, and help them achieve greater spirituality in the right direction.

May all beings be happy!

Sadhu! Sadhu! Sadhu!

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" Thus, there is the acquisition of demerit, and there is rebirth in the evil apaya realms. The enjoyment of a scared man with a scared woman is short-lived, and the king also metes out severe punishment. Therefore, a man should not commit sexual misconduct with another man's wife. "

The Dhammapada

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